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can a 9800 gt card work on a a13g+ mobo please help
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  1. Do you mean the PC Chips brand mobo?

    If so, I am not sure. The card should fit in the x16 slot, but I am not sure if there is an issue with the heat spreader directly below the slot. The 9800 GT you selected is a two slot design that is wider than most 9800 gts and I am not sure if it would clear the heat sink. Also from looking at the picture I cannot tell how tall the heatsink is.

    Does you PC case have room for a full sized card? Does the PSU provide enough power?
  2. yes pc chips brand mobo and yes my pc case have have size for it. Does a xtec 500 w psu handle the 9800 gt card PLEASE LET ME KNOW BEFORE BUYING IT
  3. A good 500w PSU is more than enough for a 9800GT - unless perhaps you plan a heavy overclock your video card or CPU. I am not familiar with the xtec PSU - which is enough reason for me to counsel wariness in getting it. This would be a good not too expensive option:

    Corsair Builder Series 500w - $40 AR with free shipping

    PC Chips is also not a common choice for mobo - do you already have it or plan to purchase? If you have it, you might just visually inspect to see if the heat spreader I talked about above - it is gold in color in the pic - would conflict with the card you chose. Notice how wide the card is and that it will take up two slots.
  4. Forget about the mobo
    go and get a better mainboard.
  5. i went and get a MCP6PB M2+ mobo is this a good mobo i took your advise and buy this mobo
  6. i went and get this board MCP6PB M2+ do u think this board is a up to date mobo tell me please so that i can carry it back
  7. Biostar is not a top brand in mobos - but better than PC Chips. But it is an older board with AM2+ CPU socket, DDR2 memory slots, and only 2 slots. Will this work with rest of your system? Perhaps you should drop back and start the post over in the New Build forum and include a description of how you use your PC, you budget, and ideas for components.
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