Upgrade CPU (AMD 955) or Video (275GTX)?

I have the following PC:
AMD Phenom X4 955
ASUS AMD 780 Motherboard
4 Gig Ram DDR2
Nvidia 275GTX
1TB WD Black
800W Power Supply

I am thinking of upgrading for BF3. I was considering the 570GTX video card or the Intel i5 2500k CPU.

Should I upgrade the video, CPU, or both? I was leaning toward only upgrading the video card. Would the CPU stand as a bottleneck if the video card is upgraded alone?

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  1. I would say upgrade the video card but upgrading the cpu couldn't hurt

    PS: So far from experience the 955 seems to handle most games fine
  2. upgrade the video, overclock the 955.
  3. ross_mitchell said:
    I would say upgrade the video card but upgrading the cpu couldn't hurt

    PS: So far from experience the 955 seems to handle most games fine

    Definitely go with new graphics card.

    I've got an amd 955 on an asus m4a88td-v evo mobo with 8 gb of ddr3 and an msi twin frozr gtx 460

    Dragon age II on max settings AF and AA all maxed, minus depth of field, and blur effects, hangs around 30-45 fps 1920x1080 res

    I would suspect you would be able to achieve roughly the same, with a higher end graphics card.

    However, I don't know how much a difference the motherboards will make, and the newer ddr3 ram.

    I've also my Phenom II to 3.6 on corsair h60 cooling, as well. Regardless of these inconsistencies, new graphics card,for sure.
  4. Most games don't fully utlize four cores besides the phenom x4 is still quick so i would buy a new gpu
  5. popatim said:
    upgrade the video, overclock the 955.

  6. Definitely the GPU, both will need upgrades at some point, and with bulldozer around the corner, it is worth it to wait and see, perhaps the 2500k will even drop in price as a response to bulldozer, or bulldozer might have a chip at the 2500k price level that beats the 2500k. Besides, to upgrade the CPU its not just a cpu, its a motherboard too, so the less involved choice is GPU.
  7. dont bother with either one.. I was debating the same thing got a 955be myself. Just wait till bulldozer hits the market that should kill the sandy bridge series but like everything else its all hype. the 2500 and 2600k will drop in sept and for the record the bf3 demo played at e3 was a 2600k with a gtx 580. I heard BD hits the street sept 19 but yet again i heard the 26th. Then youve still got to wait for bf which is oct 25 at that time all the pricing will be down well maybe not bulldozer but the 580 will drop for sure. if your looking for a quick fix just oc your cpu buy a 30-50 dollar heatsink youll be happy with the results.
  8. overclocking the 955 is as easy as changing the cpu multilier in the bios so why not...

    the 275 gtx is only a dx10 card so its upgrade the GPU to get the dx11 eye candy.
    And no the 955 won't bottleneck the GPU. I wouldn't be in a rush thou, wait till you find one on a decent sale.
  9. OC P 955BE and get radeon HD6950 or minimal HD5830 (Shappire Cheap)
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