Can't update my BIOS.

Hi all. I got some temperatures issue that NO ONE can solve and im trying to upgrade my BIOS to see if something change. My cpu is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ (Brisbane). The BIOS is Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Version: PBAMARMB.0400 Date: 05/15/2007.

I cannot update it because in the official site i should download and PAY for a program in order to upgrade it.
There's a LEGAL way to upgrade it?
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  1. What is your motherboard brand and model -- packard-bell?
  2. Yes, Packard Bell... Model: MCP61DM2MA
  3. It does not recognize my model.
  4. do you have more details notebook desktop add more info on this
  5. Its a Packard Bell desktop PC: Imedia 8422C. The support section just dont know it... What other info do you need?
  6. did you got the serial number
  7. I got a product key, written on the case... Its the same?
  8. it you could get the link to it on packard bell post it
  9. Product key
  10. edit and erase the last number that your os key,system should have starting number like imedia ( )
  11. Erased the last numbers/letters.
  12. erase it all just leave product key no numbers
  13. So now i should use the PK on the PB website?
  14. ther should be some serial numbers from pb other then the one that are on the sticker for windows or link direct to your product on pb
  15. And they should be on te case or somewhere in my system?
  16. you shoul see a number look like the one that are on this page you could also find the serial number in the bios
  17. Nothing. It looks like that support for this model has ended... Even the Packard Bell Updater, that should be a program that keeps you system up to date, says that there are not updates for my system... :S
  18. been looking around on the next nothing is still available for this board
  19. I guess its improbable to update my BIOS... Shitty companies and their shitty support.
    At least i can try to reset it...
  20. been looking aroun on the net and all the owner of this have the same bios as your so there is no update ,read that you have temp issue on what and what is your os use these to report temp what kind of air flow you got in the computer case
  21. I got problems with my CPU. It idles at 50c or so and under "light load" (i mean just a lil, old game) it reaches 73c°. I dont dare to run StarCraft 2 with Skype like i used to, because it might explode! :S
    I dont think its airflow because i made some tests with opened case near a window and with the uncovered part upsiding... And the temp was still there.. Maybe a drop of 1c°.
    I'll use the program in the next hours.. Im using Vista at 32bit.
  22. i suggest you to dust the system and get new themal paste clean the old one and aplly new one between the cpu and the cooler use somethhing like the mx-4 or a arctic silver that will help reduce you temp, how many fans that are pushing air and take it out of the case
  23. There are the fans of my new PSU: One aspires air from the case e send it to the second that flows out of it. I've already cleaned up the hardware, already reapplied thermal paste and brought a new heatsink. Nothing.
  24. just make shure that the psu fan do not push hot air in the case also see if the fan that cool the cpu is reverse on the air that will cool your cpu
  25. I think that the fan push the air on the CPU... Not outside of it...
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