Best UK Computer Component Shop?


I am interested in building my first computer but UK prices seem extremely high compared to other countries like the US.

Are there any great value UK online shops preferably paypal happy?

The best I have found is


Also if anyone knows any great £500 gaming builds feel free to post them

That is all
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  1. My build is a solid WoW box as a guideline for you, it'll cost you about £400 I reckon now if not even less
    U.k. e-tailers I use are
    Ebay sometimes throws up bargains too
    If you drop details in this
    it'll give us a better idea how to spread the wealth :)
  2. Hi please visit
    this site is a PC comparison website, it saves you time because you see most PC retailers products.
  3. Yes no doubt hardware is quite expensive in UK, but you can also find computer hardware accessories on following site, they offer quite appropriate rates and solutions.
  4. I used to buy from physical stores before but now I bought my AMD APU & gigabyte motherboard online from which was recommended by my friends in scotland.
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