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I need a quick primer on a direct parallel connection using only the parallel ports and the configuration of the cable. Do I need to cross some wires to make it work, or just a adapter to have two male ends? Any comments or links would be useful. I used to be able to do it with USB on my MSI rig but my power supply took a dump and I dont have the means to get it done quick enough. thanks

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  1. You will need this:
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    Though it might be cheaper and easier to just get 2 network cards and a crossover cable. That would be insanely faster too.

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  2. nah, you could build that for about 5 bucks, assuming you already have some cables you could use, a soldering iron and solder, and a little skill of course.

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  3. Thanks for the replies guys Im going to start a new thread. I have a different idea.

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