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Hi guys, I'm assembling my pc, on Monday I get the vga and cpu so I said, let's try if it works, no cpu and vga should make the "beep" ... just that when I press the power button turns on and turns off after 1 second, it is normal or did I mess? I am attaching photos + video ... I connected pwer 1 (the big one) and pwer2 (the one with 4 or 8-pin (or 4 +4 ...)) then I plugged the fans, ram, hdd + player and power etc. ....

msi Z77-43
crosair CL9 2x4GB
830 samsung ssd
asus dvd player
xfx pro 550w

here's the video
Thanks to everyone for the help ........

i'm sorry for my bad english,i'm italian ;
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  1. do you have a spare PSU laying around? it could be your power supply. you should test it or try another one and make sure all the rails are good.
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