New PC, need advice

I need a new PC, and need some advice
Budget: 600-700 euros ~600-700 US dollars
Use: Gaming,CAD,Programming,Matlab,LabVIEW

Build i've made:

I am not sure the PSU is powerful enough, its 550W.
Edit: For some reason it will not show the img, so click here
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  1. Intel is the better CPU now, go with a sandybridge i3 2100 at least.

    You need to give more info to get good advice, Go to here to start:
  2. Well the i3 2100 has the same price as the x4 955, however the X4 is a true 4 core and the i3 is a dual core with HT. On top of that the mobo for a 1155 socket is ridiculously expensive compared to the AM3 mobo. So i dont agree with you there, i think the x4 would be a better buy.
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