Maximum cpu i can have on an acer ac36382 board?

hey everyone i got a buddy who decided he wants to play a older war game or 2 on his computer. he has an emachines el1850-01e. the board is an acer ac36382 board found specas on this sight but it doesnt exactly tell me what the max processor is i can plug into it. can anyone help me? thanks very much
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    Intel Core 2 Duo E8600. That's the fastest processor you could get for that board. :)
  2. thought i would get back on here and ask a couple questions real quick. on the web page i have in my first post the main board states i can use pentium dual core also. the gentleman said what the max processor i could use was, but can find one in the price range i need it for to do an upgrade. it states on the page for the mainboard i can use pentium dual core also. can anyone tell me what the max pentium duall core i can use is? the core 2 duo he pointed out is 65 watt tdp. found this one on ebay for sale,, which is in the price range but its 95 watt tdp can anyone help me out with this board at all? little confused on this oem boards doesn't give much info on em.
  3. found some more info says that the G41 chip set only supports 25 watt tdp god i need help for my buddy
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