How much CPU power do i need?

How much CPU power would i need to run 2 crossfired HD Radeon 6950's at their full potential?
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  1. rest of system specs? a decent 700w psu should be fine
  2. think what he means is what cpu specs so that it doesnt bottleneck the gpus
  3. Would imagine any sandybridge i5 or i7 would run them fine, would be easier if you said what processor you had
  4. If its a new build then get an i5 2500K.
  5. my bad read to quickly, in which case a i5 2500k overclocked will do good
  6. yeah sorry bout that i have a 1100T right now which ive heard will bottleneck it but i want to know to what extent?
    and i should be able to overclock it to a decent amount with my cooler master hyper 212+ with 2 cpu fans not sure how high a overclock though?
    i just wanna know if my bottleneck willbe bad enough that i should wait for BD CPU's before i get another 6950
    also i dont want to affect the longevity of my processor with the overclock so i dont wanna go to high.
    honestly i probably shoulda got a nicer quad core CPU than a hexa which was my mistake....
  7. It depends on the game. A lot of quad-core optimized games will run just fine on the X6, but you'll bottleneck badly optimized games like SC2 or the original Crysis.

    EDIT: It's not like it could hurt to get another 6950, you'll see a great performance boost most place.
  8. Oc the cpu the best you can, get another 6950. I doubt there will be much of a bottleneck.
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