Msi sucks how is the ASRock mobo?

I was trying to render a 3d ocean scene for UDK using Maya 2013 with there new ocean scene. I notice batch render was using 100% cpu constantly so I went to batch options and told it to only use 2 cores My highest temp reach 79c for 15 minutes of work. When it was on two cores it drop down too mid 50s I'm debating to swicth over to the ASROCK 3 extreme how is that board over all performance with temps?
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  1. Hello,

    i'm guessing your using the stock HSF?

    Your CPU temp depends on the CPU architecture as well as the HSF you are using to cool it. If your using the stock HSF it will not perform very well (compared to after market HSF)

    The Hyper 212+ should help you cool your CPU down better. IMO 79C is a bit on the high side.
  2. Ya im using the Stock HSF but would the ASrock extreme do way better performance? I Just really got the Msi board to hold me off for a while.

    North bridge was 73 max and it drop down to 50c using only 2 cores while rendering.
    My cpu was Normal around 45-53c Sorry for the confusion :D
  3. There is nothing wrong with asrock, but msi is good aswell there will always be boards with isssues, no matter what company you use. My best advice is not to go to cheap and yet not to expensive u can find a really good mobo for 150$ depending on what your needs are.
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