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Hey, I have an Antec 300 Illusion case. All the fans are set to low, front two fans directing into the case, back and top fan directing out. As for my cable management, I admit it's a bit unorganized and messy, but I don't think it's bad to the point where it affects the fans. So, my question. Is it normal for the fans to be somewhat loud? It's under my desk, and I can hear it clearly. It 's like this even when I'm just surfing the web. Is it normal? Thanks.

Also, I'm not entirely sure if it's the fans making the noise, but that's what I am guessing.
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  1. normal and Silent :D
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    Noise is all relative. There can be some sound difference between one brand of fan and another that have similar airflow.

    I have built at least 5 computers using the Antec 300 case. When I bought mine the illusion model was not available, so I bought Xigmatek fans and added them. My home computer sets at the end of the sofa. I can hear it running but I don't consider it very loud. Usually the TV is on and its sound masks the computer. Late at night with no other sounds the computer is a bit louder but I don't run it all the time. I moved it into my small workroom and put it under my desk. For some reason it sounded louder in there. It still wasn't loud, there just wasn't any other sound to mask it and I think more of the sound was directed out where I could hear it.

    I have a similar machine at work under my desk and I never hear it.

    My computers actually have 7 fans- 4 case, 1 cpu, 1 gpu, 1 psu. I'm sure that the sound comes from all of these together.

    Quieter fans are available if you really need them. You can find sites that cater to the HTPC guys and see what brands/models of fans they recommend.
  3. It's normal to be able to hear the whoosh of the air, but not normal to hear mechanical noise.
  4. Somewhat loud is a very subjective term, what I can tell you as an antec 300 illusion owner is that on low they still make sound but it is easily drowned out by whatever game I am playing, a TV if its on, or other constant noise. When I set the fans to medium I can distinctly hear them, and they are about as loud as my 69502gb with fan set to 40%. So basically they are not anywhere near the quietest fans on the market and they will make noise on low, that is completely normal. As the above poster said though, metallic noise or anything other than normal fan blowing noise is abnormal.
  5. I think I am getting a mechanical noise, like a more high-pitched sound, not sure how to explain it. But does anyone know of any solutions to these sounds? Thanks.
  6. Ballista said:
    I think I am getting a mechanical noise, like a more high-pitched sound, not sure how to explain it. But does anyone know of any solutions to these sounds? Thanks.

    Maybe a defective fan?

    First you would need to isolate the sound. If it is a fan you could unplug the fans one by one until you find which one is making the noise. Or maybe you could get a piece of tubing and put one end near your ear sort of like a medical stethoscope.
  7. This whiny sound usually comes from either the PSU or GPU fan. Usually it means the fan is dying or something with the fans. Use the cardboard tube thingy from toilet rolls to help u identify what the culprit is.
  8. I found that it was my Intel 2500k CPU making the noise. I just took off the wire for cpu_fan and turned on my computer. And then it didn't make that whirring sound anymore. Any solutions to this?
  9. aftermarket CPU cooler.
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