Phenom II x4 955 bottleneck radeon 6970? 6990?

Just wanted to know if that the phenom II x4 @ stock would bottleneck a single 6970 or 6990...I figure there would be, especially @ stock..but, i would like to know if it would be very noticeable...resolutions being used for the time being is 1920x1200...3 monitor set up will occur sometime in the next few weeks or sometime in may...Please let me know your thoughts on the situation.
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  1. with which card? will i get decent fps?
  2. Only get the 6990 if you are wanting to do crossfire right away and gaming on multiple monitors at once.
  3. Alright...the way I saw it was, either get a 6990 or gtx 580, and add something later...just wanted to ensure there would be no severe bottleneck
  4. Single card single gpu is the best option if you want to avoid any potential bottleneck.
  5. yeah...that's why I inquired about the 6990...I would prefer to go for something that is very powerful now, and although expensive, it will yeild satisfactory results for a long time...But, I need to know if using a single GTX 580 or 6990 will cause problems for the above mentioned processor..
  6. The 6970 and GTX 580 will be fine but 6990 there may be lagging issues unless you are gaming at a very high ress t put the load mostly on the card. I know how this sounds but lower the ress worse the cpu bottleneck gets.
  7. yeah..still sounds funny to me..but yeah, the higher the res the more the gpu takes for my resolution a single 6970 or gtx 580 would be ideal then? do i need to oc the processor for either card? or can i keep it stock?
  8. What is the most you can do with those monitors? Max ress total?
  9. nforce4max said:
    What is the most you can do with those monitors? Max ress total?

    max would be 1920x1200 i believe..thats what the monitors highest
  10. alright..i suppose a gtx 580 would be ok with a 955 @ stock right? For sure a 6970 wouldnt be a problem..
  11. ^yes it will
  12. Yes, But even a 570 would be enough for that resolution.
    No point unless you need e-peen or the best in performance. Or you are running multi-monitors in the future.
  13. The gtx 570 has faults that bring up concerns over the power vrm and how well that is cooled. There are complaints and pictures from owners of that card having random failures that brick the cards even at stock clocks and volts. Nvidia got cheap and removed two phases from the power vrm and to make matters worse they skimped on the cooling that has caused some cards to go blue smoke. Disable OCP and you are rolling the dice. The gtx 580 isn't affected by this issue and is safe in that area.

    One or two monitors gaming 6970 or gtx 580. All three monitors gaming then consider the 6990 but you will again will face problems mostly from the drivers. The other problems will come down the road like most other dual gpu cards.
  14. Good Point nforce.
    The 570 and the 6950 have quite a few faults.
  15. plznote said:
    Good Point nforce.
    The 570 and the 6950 have quite a few faults.

    I know about the faults with the gtx 570 but I have not bothered to keep 100% up to date lately with ati but I noticed some problems when the 68x0 series came out. Thanks for the tip and I am going to go look that up. Been watching the news lately to much :s
  16. i can actually pick up a 6970 direct cu II today for $350 flat..or the 6950 direct cu II for 280..seems like a good will they perform at my desired resolution on a game like, BC2, with most settings turned up?
  17. Go with the 6970 because it is more of a sure thing. I would honestly go for a 6950 and flash it but seeing how it is like the gtx 570 I won't be buying one personally any time soon. To many problems.
  18. damn...even the 6950 direct cu II? it's supposed to have better cooling and better efficiency
  19. You can roll the dice and buy it, if the quality is what I expect it to be then the only problems are ATI's notorious drivers.
  20. man...this is why I've always stuck with green...I don't want to regret getting it ..perhaps the 6970 is my best bet
  21. i dont know if i can flash the 6950 direct cu II ...isnt it only the reference models?
  22. i've heard that Asus and MSI don't have the switch or smth like that to flash it ..
  23. that sucks
  24. man..those direct cu II's are crazy..i have a maximus 4 extreme and was at the store and was told that it wouldn't fit properly..ughh...maybe i should just get reference 6970's ...or a single only gaming @ 1080p but i need power! as good as the direct cu II's are it doesnt leave me with a lot of space
  25. oh i juss noticed your sig psycho..ur getting some 6990's? damn...would I be able to use a 6950 with a 6990 later in the future, or does it have to be a 6970
  26. If you get the 6990 you will get "power" all 375w of it but at the same time issues that come with such dual gpu cards. If you are bent out on this then go with it and give it a try but once it starts acting up rma the card. I wouldn't get the 6950 due to all the complaints much like the gtx 570.
  27. the gtx 580 may be a wise investment simply because there is speculation of a price drop..if that's the case then I may jump on it!
  28. ha I guess I'll leave my green glasses on for a little while longer..I had no idea that the amd side had some many issues with drivers...that's unfortunate..I was actually considering a 6990
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