CPU issue possibly

I recently built my own computer and used an i5 2500k intel processor.
When I enter the Asus p6z68-v pro bios it reads that the cpu is running anywhere from 50c-55c

The Case is an Antec Dark Fleet DF-30

Is that too hot of a cpu?
BTW I'm running the stock heatsink with artic silver 5
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  1. too much thermal paste or HSF not seated properly? you only need an amount covering the cpu slug equal to the width of a peice of paper applied)

    i've searched around and seen reports of idle temps from 25-40c -- are you using the IGP, i believe that will increase temps by 15c roughly.
  2. i suggest get Aftermarket cooler minimum Hyper 212
  3. ~50c is normal in bios as the cpu is in full on state, it won't go to idle until you get into windows.
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