Is this upgrade worth it?

A friend of mine has a reference 6850 and he's willing to trade for my XFX 1GB 4870 and $60. Is boost in performance worth what I'm giving up?
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  1. wow that's a really nice deal for you then..
  2. So, ct and shrkbay you guys would take this deal in a heartbeat?
  3. if the card is in good shape, but i always check for how much i can sell my card and get the new *new card is always better than old one* you should make some research and see if you can get it for less by selling your old then it'd be a better deal than with your friend
  4. Depending on your resolution you may or may not notice a difference. You do get DirectX 11 and Eyefinity however. Overall, good deal.
  5. If your resolution is above or at 1920*1080 then the deal is great. If not then pass it.
    What brand is the 6850?
  6. Id say give him 40 bucks it would make it a more fair deal, otherwise I dunno, you could sell you 4870 for maybe 80 or less on ebay, either way its not a bad deal but you will have to weigh the options
  7. Get it.
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