MSI Z77 G45 vs GD55?

im deciding between these two motherboards, the GD55 is on sale for 160$ on newegg and the G45 is 150$. what is the difference between the two, and is it worth the 10$?

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  1. I've been comparing all the GD series, yet I know not much.

    For now I know, that you'll not have
    -DrMOS II
    -Sli Set up but has crossfire (weird?)
    - OC/Power button on the main board itself
    - Super Charger

    This helps a bit. I've been looking at G45 & GD55 for a while now lol. I've come down to GD55 being the best really out of all the G/GD series, but that's just my take on it.
  3. Having just built out a Z77A-gd55/1240.v2 system I can assure you how useful the onboard POWER button. When I "dry-built" outside the case I had to START the system several times ... I had initially forgot two (2) sticks of RAM are required for BOOT. Pushing a button sure beats shorting-two-pins with a screw-driver!
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