My wireless is too slow

hello, i recently built a pc.
i have to use wireless since my rent apartment doesn't have cable.
i don't know what router does my landlord use.
i'm using TRENDnet TEW-623PI 32-Bit PCI Rev. 2.1/2.2/2.3 Wireless N-Draft Adapter
and wireless works but terrible.
actual max speed is 4.5mbps and wireless shows me 54mbps rate

is this normal or something wrong?
i want fast internet
please help me
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  1. how are you measuring the max speed?

    It seems that you are connecting to G router which is connected to a DSL or Cable broadband.
  2. i tested my speed on this site
    so is the router bad?
  3. Did it use to be faster?

    I don't think the router is bad. It could be the internet connection that only does 4.5Mb. Or some other people doing gaming or video streaming.
  4. if i have my own router, the speed could be much faster?
  5. i have 3years old sony sz430laptop that has same wireless speed.
    i thought my desktop that has better wireles adapter should be faster?
    but it's not :(
  6. the slow link is the Internet connection
  7. i'm sorry but i don't understand what does that mean..
    so my wireless adapter is working alright?
    thank you for helping me out
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    everything is working the way it should.

    the more people share and use the connection at the same time it might decrease the speed .
  9. ok thank you so much
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