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I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card. My computer specs can be found here:

I'm thinking about getting a power supply of around 500-600 Watts. I also probably need another fan to cool it. My problem is I have no idea what cards work in my computer. I'm looking for gaming cards by the way.
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  1. 1920 by 1080
  2. Well I WANT to spend nothing at all haha but with the fan and power supply being around $150 I'm willing to spend around $350 on the graphics card. The HD Radeon 6970 fits my budget perfectly, would that work?
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  4. Quote:
    Get the 6950 2gb version then flash it to the 6970.
    For psu you can look for the Seasonic 520w its bang for buck

    If a person can afford the 6970 outright, that is a better value than getting a 6950. Not only is the unlock not guaranteed to work (and may brick it besides), but a 6970 still outperforms the 6950 after its unlocking.
  5. With an average of only five more FPS on the tests here,123.html
    I would say 100 dollars more for 6 more frames per second isn't really worth it.
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