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Hello, I have an i7 2600k and i just realized that my WEI score for the processor is 7.6. Now i know that WEI is not a good benchmarking tool but i know that the subscore for the processor should be 7.8. I came to the conclusion that it may be my motherboard. Gigabyte Z68A-D3-B3 is the motherboard i bought and i noticed that there is a small message on the box saying that it does not support the Intel HD built inside of my processor. Now i am aware that the HD graphics should have nothing to do with the processor's performance. Im thinking that since i've bought a cheap board, it may have some effect on my i7. Any help would be appreciated. Thanx
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  1. Don't fret about it. WEI scores are not intended as a reliable measure of performance. If the processor is not performing as expected while running actual applications, you can investigate further. But in general, even a "cheap" Gigabyte board should be of good quality, and Z68 is the best chipset for Sandy Bridge CPU's anyway.
  2. Im not too worried about it. I was just a little concerned thats all. Im going to figure why everyone else has a higher score though.
  3. It may be a driver issue, on my C2 Duo 6800 which is normally at 5.9 went down to 4.2 before the SP1 update.

    A Sandybridge i3 2100 rates at 7.2, the 2500K at 7.4, so the i7 should be 7.4+
  4. A driver issue for what component? I think the i5 is 7.6 and i know the i7 is 7.8.
  5. Are all updates done as well as all your drivers installed and updated?
  6. Device manager shows that all of the drivers are installed but im not sure if some are up to date. I'll keep you posted.
  7. I did some motherboard driver updates but i dont think it helped.
  8. I have found in my experiences that Windows must run all its updates, prior to SP1 being updated windows 7 runs very unstable and returns bad indexing results. If you have done all of the win7 updates and your system is behaving badly then perhaps somethings like bad raids as a example.

    Your problem does sound like the normal problems with win7 after a full componant overhaul.
  9. Actually you could be right. I think 7.6 is the score for this processor though. I read a forum and someone said it was 7.8 on stock frequency. That got me thinking that there might be something wrong with mine. I was wrong of course. I looked up some more info on the i7 2600K and it turns out the guy on the forum was wrong. Many people who own an i7 2600K has a 7.6 score on stock freq, but when you get it up to 4.00GHz i believe, you'll get a 7.8 sub-score or higher.
  10. Well my C2 Duo stock is 5.9, oc'ed it goes to 7.9, for the i3-i7 to be stock at over 7.2 just shows how strong the processors actually are.
  11. Win 7 Professional.
  12. Yeah core 2 duo's are nice. I had an AMD Athlon x2 and i could only oc it to 2.7Ghz. Its old and it doesnt have that much tdp headroom but i got my score to 5.9, which was a big deal to me at the time. 5.9 for c2 duo, im going to guess that your stock was 2.1Ghz and you oced it to 4.0Ghz.
  13. The E6400 don't really like to get pushed beyond 3.3-3.4ghz, but still it is well up on the 2.1ghz stock.
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