Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error after GTX 460 OC

I have my GTX 460 OC'ed to (Stock Voltage) 850/1700/2000, and it runs furmark for more than 30 minutes without any toubles. I fire up the Crysis demo to check out the difference and it hangs for about 25 seconds and then restarts. My mobo gives me an alert "Hyper Transport Sync Flood Error". I have had this several times before and when I back off my GPU overclock its fine (To about 840/1680/1900).

Anyone have any ideas on how to get past this? Will increasing Voltage help? Could be a vRAM issue....???

My Rig:
Athlon II x3 445 3.1 GHz (Unlocked to B45-Voltage increased to about 1.410 to ensure stable unlock, haven't had time to mess around with it)
4GB G. Skill RAM 1600 (Operating at 1333)
MSI GTX 460 1GB Cylcone
MSI 870-G45 Motherboard
500 Watt Corsair PSU
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  1. When I increase it to 850/1700/1900 the game just crashes to the desktop with an appcrash error or something of the sort.
  2. Voltage increase SEEMED to have fixed the problem, though I'm worried as I do not know what im doing with the GPU voltage :lol: . Increased it to 1037...
  3. I downloaded GPU-z and it reports stock settings being applied....
  4. I increased the HT voltage to 1.264 as it wouldn't allow 1.25. I will test to see if this worked :).
  5. And Crysis Demo crashes again.... Along with NFS Hot Pursuit 2010...
  6. This time its crashing more, will try to set the HT voltage to the next voltage setting down.
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