Fitted new power supply to a pc but when i turn it on i get an alarm sound, why

hi! i am trying to upgrade a dell inspiron 530. in doing this i have installed 750 w power supply. now i have connected everything back up the way it was and checked all connections but when i turn the pc on i get a constant double beep alarm sound and nothing on screen! any ideas? many thanks
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  1. as said what upgrades exactly? have you connected the 4pin cpu power cable and power cables to graphics card
  2. Have you followed to see if that gives you what your after?
  3. connect yor motherboard power both small and big plugs first then graphics then burner then storage then check fan connectors then other mobo connectors full connection test, once everything is checked pull the motherboard cmos battery wait for a minute then reset cmos with battery out put battery back in ,again reset cmos With motherboard battery in . still no go replace motherboard battery the cheapest first option to do as a trip to the chemist will have a suitable bat for testing ,check graphic card fans cpu fans hdd noise put your ear in the case and listen hard,still no go you most probably fried something ... which asks me you this is this a fault replacement or a plain upgrade or did you suffer from a power surge ??? or did you try an overclock a factory pc ? or is it really old and you haven't cleaned out the guts of the case ?

    or you might have a dudnew psu

    so check connections
    check cmos battery
    reset cmos pull battery
    check new psu
    listen into the case

    if you've played around on a factory unit most prob its burnt and its gona hit ya pockets for parts

    power surge curse of the gods
  4. or just 'pull out a bazooka, blah, put a motherf***in hole in the pc'
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