DX 11 Upgarde for SLI'd GTX 260's

I'm looking into upgrading to a video card solution that will support DirectX 11. I currently have 2xGTX 260's is SLI. Other specs include 750w PC Power and Cooling PSU, ASRock X58 mobo, Intel Core i7 930, and 6 GB G.Skill 1600 RAM, in a CoolerMaster 690 case.

I am NOT picky about it being made by Nvidia or ATI. I'm really just trying to get decent framerates at 1920x1080 resolution playing Dragon Age 2. I can do it now, but have to turn off all the eye candy in order to make it not aggravating to play. I have since turned down the resolution one notch so I could keep AA and AF on.

Looking to spend around 300$, single card for, SLI/Crossfire not needed. Right now, I'm almost sold on getting a Radeon 6950 2GB model, but don't know if that will give me any performance increase.
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  1. I'm looking to spend in the neighborhood of 300 bucks. The GTX 570 is nice but just a tad too expensive, which is why I was looking into the 6950. I've heard about flashing it to a 6970, but wouldn't know how to go about doing that. Is there a guide or anything?
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