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I figured that I would make this thread knowing that people who are searching for better cooling for their cards would come here for info ect. As many here already know us gtx 460 anf gtx 560 ti owners have few choices of aftermarket coolers and blocks for our cards so I am asking for advice and reviews. I am piss poor till next semester but I am searching for the best option for my card. I got a gtx 460 by gigabyte. All of the choices out there that are air either use three slots or in one case/example used 5 slots something that I can't do.

Best dual slot for air or best water block, pump, and rad for cooling my card.
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  1. As far as i know there are very few plans to do any at all by the companies.

    This is becouse the reference cooler from most manufacturers is already quite good, and there would be few temperature diffrences while a high cost (from developing a better cooler).

    Note that for not much more you can get a better GPU, so instead of paying for a gpu+aftermarket cooling, u get a better GPU, lets say a 6950 instead of a gtx560ti?
    Well i dont know, but waht im saying its not like when we had a 4850 for 159E and a 4870 for over 250E (at least in spain when i was buying it was like that).

    Also note that the GTX560 has a very high overclocking capability with no overheating problems, so, again, few chances its worth it to make aftermarket coolers for the gtx560. (unless we take moding into factor).
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