Laptop restarts itself immediately after shut-down

Hello everyone.

I know tom's is geared more towards PC's, but over the years you guys have never failed me. If anybody knows a more appropriate place to ask this though, please show me the way.

Anyway, I have a Gateway NV54 laptop (Pentium T4300/4gb Ram/Win 7) which I bought in December of 2009.

Just recently, it has been simply turning itself back on about 10-30 seconds after I turn it off. It doesn't matter if I use the power button or the shut down option. The computer also can't even sleep, as it wakes itself back up in the same manner. It makes no difference if the laptop is plugged in or not. Even if the laptop is at critical battery, it will attempt to turn itself on.

The *only* way I've found to stop it from doing this, is by unplugging the machine and removing its battery in that 10-30 second window where it's shut down. I can put the battery back in immediately and it will remain off.

I've searched around and thought it was a software problem, so I ended up just completely formatting my hard drive. I just reinstalled windows and found the problem persists.

I've also disabled wake-on-lan in the bios, and "automatically restart after error" in windows.

Nothing has worked and I'm at my wits end. Please help me out!
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  1. No idea. Googled it:

    Also if you disconnect it from the net does it still make this? Might be the Windows updates try disabling the automatic updates.
  2. Have you tried a complete Anti-Virus check in Safe Mode? Also an Anti-Spyware check. (I know you re-installed everything).
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