Ati 6870 vs nvidea 460?

Im looking for a graphics card for my build and dont know which card to buy

my build is
motherboard- asus m4a88td-v evo/usb3
PSU-corsair 650 watts
OS-windows professinal 64 bit
CPU- phenom 2 955 (3.2ghz quad core)
RAM- ddr3 8gb 1333 corsair
GPU-ati 5450 1gb msi
Case- antec 300 illusion
HDD- 1TB WD 64mb 7200 RPM

Im deciding between the 6870 and the 460
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    6870 is over 20% better than 460, it's also better performance vs price *considering to these you listed*
  2. ^it has only 90 days warranty and i agree that he picked pretty expensive one
  3. Go with the 6870.It's overall a better card and will benifit more with future games than the GTX460.I own a XFX 6870 and paired with my 965 it can max out almost any game.

    Do you plan on crossfiring or sli in the future?
    What resoultion are you at?
    What games do you plan on playing?
  4. ^+1 agreed, generally speaking the 6870 is a better card and they are pretty cheap now and like purple stank said one can pretty much max out most games at 1080p, and when I added a second for crossfire, my performance went through the roof, although if you have all the money up front I'd go with a better single card to start with, either way 6870 is still a good buy imo
  5. Yes,crossfire scaling is incredible with the 68xx series.And yes they are very cheap,their about the same price as the GTX460 was when it first came out.
  6. I have a 6870 and its great! My second is coming on thursday. definitly a good graphics card however you can pick up a 6950 1gb for almost the same price!
  7. Heres what i say. If you plan to OC, get a GTX 460, no questions asked. If you plan to add a second card later, get a 6870, no questions asked. If you plan to OC and add a second card later, get a 6850 for $150.
  8. I agree with the guy two posts up, 6870 are better down the road, 460 is good if you got good cooling but are slower in sli then the 6870x2
  9. ^lol what the hell are you talking about son either 6870 or gtx 460 would make a great choice although the 6870 still gets my vote, and mine actually both OC like demons, of course, that is, with a healthy voltage increase
  10. jjb8675309 said:
    ^lol what the hell are you talking about son either 6870 or gtx 460 would make a great choice although the 6870 still gets my vote, and mine actually both OC like demons, of course, that is, with a healthy voltage increase

    If the 6970 OC's like a demon, then im not worried about going to hell anymore :lol:
  11. I said the 6870 and im just saying that most of reviews say it has very little headroom but Ive pushed mine to 1080 core and 1180 mem with full voltage I believe it was 1.3v not sure but since I picked up a second for crossfire Ive kept them at stock, I guess it doesnt OC like a demon per say, just pretty damn well and I was getting a 6-12% increase in performance in games with a single card
  12. 6870 without a doubt
  13. Quote:

    your weak, you beat me by 20mhz on the core and about 20 on mem congrats now I Can play minesweeper at 10000 fps and you can play it with 10010 fps la di fricken da, still that is a damn impressive oc, at this high of an OC I wonder how it stacks up against the 6950
  14. Alright so what im getting is to buy the 6870 vs the 460

    My resolution is 1080p on a 24" monitor, now i would do crossfire on this motherboard i believe its 16x and 4x crossfire which i heard is garbage,

    Overclocking i plan on doing if the card doesnt run things fast enough, now cooling for me is not a problem, i have 2 120mm fans in the front that intake air with 3 speed settings, one 140mm on top with 2 speed settings blowing out, a 120mm in the back with 3 speed blowing out, and a internal 100m keeping the air moving threw the case

    now i will take any other recomendations for a graphics card but i want it no more than $210 total, preferably newegg
  15. oh and can anyone tell me the windows rating they get on the 460 or 6870?
  16. Update i can spend 225 since the card went up!
  17. Don't get the 5670.Not a very good card if were talking about the 460 and 6850.

    I get a 7.8 with my 6870 in Windows.
  18. WEI means very little IMO, however I would still recommend the 6870 overall
  19. sorry ment to put 6870
  20. since you cant do crossfire however, I would stretch you budget 5 more dollars and get a 1 gig 6950:

    the HIS one is 214 AR and and the XFX one can be had for a similar price AR:

    check this out:
  21. I agree.If you don't have a crossfire capable mobo go for a bigger single card soultion.
  22. I dont really want to spend that much really i was thinking 200 the limit, plus i still have to buy a mouse because i cannot handle my trustie track ball wireless mouse anymore, i cant physically play any games with it
  23. You still have a ball mouse? WOW
    Did you try cleaning it?Lots and lots of dirt will build up on the x and y axis over time.It's not dust but actually dirt from your hands.

    Well you can find a cheap laser mouse for $5.
  24. Rosewill Optical Mouse $6 + Free Shipping
  25. haha thanks,

    do you know what open GL is? because i cant really figure it out
  26. Can you clean your mouse or is it beyond that?

    I dunno,think it's some sort of image filiter or something.Like DX i think.Not sure on that.
  27. Its clean ive cleaned it before its just sometimes i use my wooden desk without that soft pad thing and it doesnt work very well and ive gotten used to laser mouses, i used to have one but my mom needed it so she just took mine
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  29. So your going to go with a 6870 then?
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