Wireless card that doesn't crash torrent?

I own a Linksys WMP54G wireless card, I have had issues with the connection randomly dropping or getting very slow. I found out its an issue with the drivers and Win 7, they called it "spiking". I found out if I download and install Ralink rl2500 drivers it works fine, issue is my uTorrent crashes my PC along with attaching files to emails. I was forced to resort to crappy internet connection until I get a new wireless adapter. The question I have is what is a good card for around 30-40 that will not crash my PC. I heard some of Rosewills are good, but I emailed them and they haven't gotten back in 3 days about if they use the certain drivers. I just don't wanna spend the money to have it crashing my system.

Thanks for your help guys.
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  1. It's just possible that any wireless card is going to cause a logjam at the end of a torrent download and you'll have to resort to ethernet cabling. You'll certainly be looking for a minimum wireless spec of "N" but even then, how far away is your router?
  2. Its in the other room, not too far away. I dont have issues with the default driver for my Linksys but I have crap internet, so this sucks lol.
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