[Solve]Need help in fan speed of ATI Overdrive...

Hi guys, I would like to know that the faster fan speed of the ATI Overdrive will keep my Graphic Card cooler?
Or it will not make any diffrent?
And what is the safe temperature for my Graphic Card?
THX Guys...
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  1. it depends on what card you're using. for high end cards 80c under full load still considered as fine
  2. Oh, i am using ATI Radeon HD 6850 Sapphire
  3. 70c to 80c should be fine when under full load but i'd expect the temperature should be lower than that if you're using non-reference cooler. for the fan speed you can use CCC or MSI after burner to control the fan speed.
  4. ok, thx for the help ya... :)
  5. Is this a real question??

    Does the air blow harder when you turn a ceiling fan on high than when it was on low?
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