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have 2 questions below trying to find supported cpu's/or specs for board inside a emachines EL1850-01E. older buddy needs an upgrade to play few older games. can find hardly anything on the board except for this http://www.findlaptopdriver.com/specs-el1850-01e-motherboard/ has G41 chipset can't tell if only supports up to 25 watt tdp from this page or if that even means max tdp. bout to pull hair out thanks.
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  1. 25W desktop processors for socket 775 don't exist. Lowest you can go is 45W.

    Based on that, this board should support any Core2Duo (E6xxx/E7xxx/E8xxx) or Pentium Dualcore (E3xxx/E4xxx/E5xxx) you can find.
  2. On Intel's website it says tdp max 25 but they're not talking about max Thermal design power.

    Here's a really good upgrade

    Supports ddr2 and ddr3 highly overclockable
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