Upgrading an 8800 GT. Got some questions.

So my old 8800 GT is finally starting to give me trouble. It does fine on older games, but anything modern and it'll crash after 10 to 15 minutes. I've already ruled out heating issues, it only runs at 77 C at the hottest, so I'm just assuming it's going bad, or that newer games simply stress it too much and it gives up.

Now, my biggest concern about jumping to a card that's likely going to be twice as powerful as what I have now is bottlenecking. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU E6750. My motherboard isn't going to support anything more than a LGA 775 socket... so while I would like to upgrade to something like an i7 or i5, I'm going to have to stick with the Core 2 series.

Was looking at this GTX 470. Or this GTX 470. Alternate suggestions are welcome, or suggestions about what to do with my CPU and Motherboard issue.
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  1. Take a close look at the 6950 2GB. It's slightly more but chances are pretty good it'll unlock to a 6970.
  2. Whoah, that would be a huge bottleneck, I don't recommend it!
  3. 1)How much watts is your power supply and how many amps does it have on the 12v rail?

    2) How much RAM do you have and what clock rate?

    3) What resolution do you play at or what resolution is your monitor?

    4) What is your budget?

    5) What model number and brand is your motherboard?- Does it support Core 2 Quad?
  4. You cpu is simply too old to keep up with anything faster than a GTX460. I doubt it could even keep up with that.
  5. The C2 E6750 is a 2.66 GHz CPU. I say get a GTX 460 or Radeon 6850 and overclock your CPU. This Sapphire model is only $165


    If you're still using stock cooling then you need to get a better cooler. If you don't want to overclock for whatever reason but still want to upgrade your CPU then your looking at newer 45nm C2 Duos and Quads. Even so, it's tough to recommend the Quads since they are so overpriced you can get a comparable Athlon II X4 and a motherboard for that kind of money
  6. Overclocking your CPU will breath some new life into your system, but really the best you can do on air is probably a 30% increase so while it won't do miracles it will make a noticeable improvement and will lessen any CPU bottleneck. If you're resolution is below 1680x1050 though then I say get a cheaper Radeon 5770 or 550 Ti as a 6850 or GTX 460 would be a bit under utilized.
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