GTX 570 SC Poor Resolution & Color on HDTV

So I just purchased an EVGA GTX 570 SC from newegg to replace my dated HD 4870. After installing the card I was a little disturbed to see 1. The colors were horrible 2. The scaling was terrible 3. The resolution was even worse!

I tried running it on a different HDTV and it yielded the same results. I tried the latest beta drivers, the archived old drivers and still no fix.

I hooked up my old monitor - a 23" Samsung HD monitor and it looked great! Now why is it that my old HD 4870 resolution and colors look great on my HDTV setup but the GTX 570 doesn't? I've tried googling and haven't found any answers.

I tried the included HDMI mini to HDMI port, no luck. Tried a DVI to HDMI connector, no luck. Tried different HDMI cable, no luck.

I cannot stress how terrible everything looks. My desktop is blurry, games such as Rift look even worse than they did on my HD 4870!

Any help would be much appreciated.

My system.

CPU: i7 950
Mobo: Asus X58 Sabertooth
RAM: Corsair XMS Extreme 12GB
HD: 2 x WD Caviar Black 600GB 7200RPM
OS: Win 7 64 Pro

The two HDTV's I tried the card on.

32" Auria 1080p HDTV 60Hz
47" Philips 1080p HDTV 120Hz
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  1. Did you uninstall the old drivers with Drivers sweeper ?
    What cable are you using ?
  2. I spent an hour on the phone with EVGA tech support and they are stumped. I have a ticket in with nvidia as well. Drivers are clean. Did a fresh install. Have win 7 sp 1. Still no change. It's rather disappointing considering right now I have the card sitting in my other machine which is a core 2 duo 2.4ghz running win xp. FML
  3. Eh... about the only thing I can offer up is that HDTVs are finicky. They don't always support the same resolutions as LCD monitors... it may be that it's forcibly reducing the resolution (which would explain the "desktop is blurry" bit). Here's a thought: when you connect them to your monster rig and you set/change resolution, does it let you select 1920x1080? That's HD resolution. If you can't select it, then its the TV's fault, not your GPU's. I have two 6870s in Crossfire and can't (using direct HDMI cable) get my 30-some inch HDTV to display in 1920x1080; it refuses to give me the option to.
  4. Yeah when I connect it - it pulls up the 1920x1080 by default - it also recognizes the EDID number for all 3 monitors. I just got an email back from my nvidia ticket - they say it's not typical behavior of the card and they want me to once again install the card but this time with the beta drivers. They also said it sounded like the driver wasn't registering properly in windows. I'll mess with it again tonight after I get home but I think I'll also be calling newegg to see if I can exchange it for an HD6970. This is too much of a headache!
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