GTS450 2-way sli or gtx 460 se

hello there, im new to these thing so bare with me :)
i just bought a new pc which has the following specs

EVGA 790i SLI motherboard
Core 2 Quad Q9550 Processor
4GB Corsair memory
Corsair 850W Modular power supply
Noctua NF-P12 Cooler
4 x 120GB Seagate SATA drives

now that i got the computer i need graphic card (yes for gaming)
so my budget for now is around $250 and i was thinking of going with asus GTX 460 se now the question is should i stick with GTX 450se and then buy another one later on or should i go with 2xsli ASUS 1GB GTS450?
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  1. i advice you to stay away from GTX460 SE. if you want GTX460 just get the normal one with 1GB memory. GTS450 in SLI is as fast as single GTX470. but for your budget better go straight for GTX560 IMO. GTX560 will be faster than GTX470/GTS450 in SLI.
  2. i really don't know whats the different between gtx 460 and gtx460 se, if you could explain the differ it would be great, however my budget doesn't allow me to go higher than gtx 460
  3. the SE edition is cut down version of GTX460 1GB. the card retain the memory amount and memory interface from the original GTX460 1GB but have lesser active stream processor (CUDA cores). the original GTX460 have 336SP while SE have 288SP. other than that the SE reference version have lower clock as well but not in sinificant margin
  4. ohk thanks for that... would you recommend me buying asus or do you prefer other brand? also if i buy one now and say ill get another one in 4-6 months later would i be able to run them as sli??
  5. is the site safe to purchase from??
  6. Yes I've been purchasing from them for years.
  7. as much as i want to buy from this website but im from Australia and they don't ship to Australia i believe, its really cheap tho ;)
  8. Save urself the trouble get a GTX 560 Ti $249 + Free Shipping

    Geez didnt realize you were in Australia

    A GTX 560 Ti is a bit over your budget down there but I think Its worth it

    but if you really cnt go over budget get the GTX 460 1gb version
  9. Sorry didn't know you were from Australia either, they should have flags next to our names.
  10. some people choose the brand based on the warranty and customer service support. other than that people might be looking on the cooler paired with the card. asus GTX460 with directcu cooler is not bad. mine idle around 34c. regarding SLI i see no problem if you want to add second card later. but you will need to OC your cpu if you want to run the card in SLI
  11. GTX 460 1gb is a great value right now and a very nice entry/performance level card. SLI is very potent with these cards.
  12. A 560 might be out of your budget by a small margin, but it's the best bang-for-buck card out there from nvidia at least. The last thing you want to do if have regrets later because the latest games don't run well on whatever graphics card you purchased.

    Warranty-wise, I personally prefer evga, because they have 24-7 support and lifetime warranties. (not all cards, but all the 500 series for sure.)
  13. get the 450s SLI , SE version is "stupid" edition, the 450s will own even a 560
  14. I agree with renz496's first post. A single 560 will beat out a 470 or 2x450's in sli.
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