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I went to turn on the computer this morning only to find it completely dead. Monitor worked, speakers worked, computer had no power... I suspected the power supply had failed, but I didn't have another power supply in house with the 4+4 pin +12 volt power cable that my motherboard requires. The weird thing was that when I unplugged the 4+4 pin +12 volt power cable and just left the 20+4 pin ATX main power cable plugged in the computer had power. As soon as I reconnect the 4+4 pin the computer will no long turn on at all. At this point I had left all other things unplugged (Hard drive, CDROM, etc..), so I'm not sure what would have worked. I had to go to work before I could hook everything back up, and I wasn't sure if it would have been safe to do so with the 4+4 pin plugged in. So my question, is it possible that the 4+4 cable could have failed? If so, how in the heck does the motherboard receive power when the 4+4 isn't plugged in, but when I do plug it in the computer does nothing. Does this sound like a power supply problem to ya'll? THANKS SO MUCH!

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  1. First investigation pc no power is PSU, Remove your psu from case, just check your psu life or dead , find green cable connect to com( black cable) use paperclip metal. Read this guide for check your psu :
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