6850/6870 or 5770 xfire? PSU prob maybe.

hello, currently i got 1 5770 running on a 1080p screen and im looking to upgrade to either a 6850 or a 6870 but i do have a xfire ready mobo and im thinking of getting a 2nd hand 5770 but

i got a 500w cooler master psu, the sticker says:

+3.3V - 22A / +5V - 20A / +12V1 - 20A / +12V2 - 20A / -12V - .08A / +5VSB - 2.5A

Can this run a single 6850 or 6870? and if i want to Xfire a 5770 will i need a new PSU? I was searching through google and found a few links that says its possible to run a 6870 on a good 500w PSU and i have even seen some people say its possible to run 2 5770 on a 500w PSU.

so question:

1: Should i buy another 5770 and xfire if my PSU can handle it? and then maybe buy a new PSU down the road?
2: Should i buy a 6850 or 6870 instead and keep my current PSU?
3: Should i just buy a new PSU for now and save up later for a better GPU?

Rest of system spec (to know power draw)

Athlon x4 620 at 3.25Ghz
4 Gig ddr3 kingston value ram
1 HDD and 3 fans in case.

Im open for a Nvidia card as well but they usually draw even more power. so if you can recommend something from them that will be a good upgrade go ahead, i would say my budget but its Rands (R) not dollars ($) so kinda pointless.

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  1. get a 5770 CF, but i'm not sure about your PSU
  2. Your Psu will be good for a single 6870, buy one now and get a new psu later. 577 corssfire are slightly better then a 6870 in some games but also vice versa, and you can overclock the 6870 past the 5770's. Plus later on you can get another 6870 if you need more power. Two 6870's are better then a 580gtx!
  3. I'd get a 6870. Some games have problems with crossfire and out of those cards you chose i'd go with a 6870. As for the PSU, not sure
  4. that PSU can NOT do Crossfire

    however it can handle 1 x 6850/6870 no problem

    so since you'd have to also upgrade your PSU for a Crossfire setup... i'd recommend you the 6870 route... it's great for 1080p... and no Crossfire hassles...
  5. Coming from someone who just setup a crossfire setup, I'd get a 6870 in your case.
  6. k thnx for the input guys, looks like im getting a 8670 :)
  7. ^future card 8670 :D *no offense*
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