Can I use SMC 7908A-isp Router as a WAP

This particular Router can only connect to ADSL services provided by two ISP's & as such I can't configure it as a spare Modem/Router for my fixed IP ADSL service from own ISP (I was given it as a gift). However I could certainly make use of it as a WAP (wireless Access Point) if that is possible. Could anyone advise me how to set it up that way? The intention would be for it to receive from an existing WAP & then connect the ADSL received, to another device by Ethernet cable. Thanks in advance.
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  1. login to the router you are trying to setup as an AP.
    disable the DHCP option.
    change the LAN IP to the same then your gateway but ending in 250.
    save the setting.
    setup your wireless security.
    save and reboot.
    connect to the other router via network cable.
  2. Many thanks; I'll give that a try tomorrow & let you know the score.
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