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Windows shuts down and reboots very slow

Hello All

I use Windows 7 Professional on my Sony Vaio Laptop and for the most part it has been a great computer in the last two weeks or so I have seen it become very slow. So I did the normal clean up defrag, virus scan, disk clean, window tweaks etc etc and for most part the computer has become a lot fast, but it still shut downs and boots like very slow. I did try the Windows 7 tips that are on here and it did improve some, but today it took 3 minutes to boot and last night it took about 4 minutes to shut down. I am just wondering what else I can do to make it faster before I decide to reformat the hard drive and set computer back to factory settings. Any suggestions would help. Have a great day.

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  1. Have you installed programs that start at boot? HP printer update scans, adobe updates, free doggie icon screensavers, etc...?
  2. These are the programs that are checked in the start-up under Msconfig they are Reltek HD Audio Manager, Smart WiFi Helper, Apple Push, and quick time everything else in the start-up box is unchecked. Should I unselect the ones I listed?
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    Nope, those are normal startup things, nothing excessive.

    From the sound of what you did already, aside from upgrading your hardware, not much you can do aside from re-installing windows and see if that makes things faster. Although an extra minute or 2 to load may be better than trying to move your files and settings and applications over to a new OS installation.
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