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Slow windows 7 behavior (sometimes)

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May 29, 2011 3:15:21 PM

hi, i have a really frustrating problem on my homebuild system after the change of a burned up mobo,
the problem is that windows 7 (64bit) sometimes are really laggy.... dragging windows is really slow.... minimizing is lagging big time
the only way to fix that is restarting several times until the problem is gone, restarting again might bring the problem back anyway....

My unix system is really stable and never lags somehow (debian 6 x64)

i made memtests (with memtest86+ 4.20) passed with no problem
cpu temperature is not the issue since once it boots with no lag it can stay open forever with no issues
gfx benchmark looks ok and doesnt lag on dx10 stress tests (120fps!)
video playing lags (somehow like its playing with 10 fps)

testing with Performance Test 7..... the not laggy session gets a score of 1299
the laggy sessions gets a score of 2500 :o  (48% improvement but its lagging!) (cpu integer math 80% up)

i dont know what else i must check and i have this problem 2 months now and no one knows not even which component is damaged.

Intel Quad Core Q6600 | 2x1GB OCZ memory ddr3| Asus p5p43td/usb3 | Ati Radeon HD 5700 1gb

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May 29, 2011 3:27:32 PM

true, but ram is not filled up since the windows is freshly installed and i never had this problem before and it appeared with the motherboard burn and replacement....
May 30, 2011 10:02:37 AM

i guess no one knows something about it? :( 
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May 30, 2011 4:11:17 PM

thesmurf said:
i guess no one knows something about it? :( 


Have you installed all the latest drivers? If not download the latest AMD drivers at

Make sure you also have the latest DOTNET installed on your computer (windows update).

One more thing - have you done the windows Experience Index test? Sometimes AERO does not activate until you've done so, especially on a fresh build. If this is the case - it will make dragging windows "lag".

One last thing - if that doesnt work, do you have a spare GPU you could try out?
May 30, 2011 4:27:12 PM

ok, third time lucky.. freaking hate no script, refreshes my damn page every time I allow something so have written this more than I care to...but....

1. procexp from here;

or task manager ==> performance tab==>Resource monitor. to see if any apps are hogging cpu cycles, I prefer procexp, nicer interface. for your CPU u should have an average of bout 1-20% overal usage peaking only when you change tabs in ff or maximise a window to about 7-12%

2. Combine that with Cpu-z 1.56 to get your default clocks, and current multiplyer you may find that on a given session that your x on cpu does not work at maximum, on my P5kC when using Ai Suite in low gear I had a x of 6 and never went to the maximum of 8 @ 2.66Ghz Ram 800Mhz 5-5-5-18 and couldnt play Zuma more than 30 seconds without stuttering...turned of C1E energy saving in the bios, multiplyer stayed at 8 and gave it a little more juice.

And she is smooth as a babys backside, I also experienced slow down on occaision when the CPU was over clocked and C1E was enabled, for my setup Ive noticed no benefit in leaving it on as room temp is bout 28-30*c.

Also read;
from toms...

and let us know how you fare... it may be worth running your WEI test ;

at the same time as CPU-Z to see what your multiplyer numbers are and if they shoudl easily be able to beat or be on par with me;
CPU: 6.6
memory 6.6
Graphics 7.0
Gaming Graphics; 7.0
and lets hope your HDD isnt the bottleneck though unlikely at 5.9.

Make sense?...
June 4, 2011 12:35:15 PM

procexp : while changing tabs says that system idle is 94% so i use 4% only.... (the system lags while this test is taken) installing IE9 since i just formated used 15% resources only....

dotnet : is version 4 (client profile)
aero now is disabled.... doesnt really makes difference while its enabled.
catalyst drivers are the latest yes.

i will post the other things that curtis suggested inside the weekend....

so far... thanks :) 
June 5, 2011 1:04:22 PM

just turned c1e off.... first boot lags
cpuz idle core 1600 x6 bus 266 rated fsb 1066
when upgrading WEI
cpuz 2400 x9 bus 266 rated fsb 1066 voltage 1.18-1.240

RAM:5.5 (!)

the weird thing is that after the WEI upgrade the lag is gone @ this session.....
i will post again after some reboots... maybe tomorrow... and i will get wei results when the computer is not lagging