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Hi All,

I have been wondering about just how many Amps are being fed into my XFX 750W Black Edition PSU. The literature says "10-5A" Amp input ... What does 10-5 mean?? Surely it doesn't mean 'Ten minus Five' ... [Does it??]

I love this power supply .. It's been a charmer since the replacement for the first one I had for all of 2 weeks before it exploded. The replacement has been terrific and I have not seen any electrical bills that would reflect that I have this new system turned on for the ten to twelve hours a day that I use it. I do however have the MSI md-80 mobo however and I use the control panel to throttle down the power so that could also be a factor in that respect.

Anyway I would like to know more about what "10-5A" means. A good review on the psu is here and I am still not getting the 10-5A understanding. Perhaps my comprehension skills have waned ...

Thanks Cog.

My configuration:
MSI P55-GD80 / Windows 7 64 bit / Intel i5-750 / 4GB G-skill 1600Mhz / Caviar Black 640GB 32mb cache / 2 x PNY GTX 460 OC in SLI / Lite-on combo / XFX 750W BE / Cooler Master 212 plus
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  1. Draw will depend on load, but the 10/5 amp max draw relates to the 115/230V input.

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    Right. They are saying that the PSU will pull a max of 10 amps at 115 volts and 5 amps at 230 volts.

    Realistically it will be more like 8 and 4 amps:
    750 watts/80% efficiency means about 940 watts from the wall which means a little under 8 amps at 115 volts.
  3. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
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