Good mobo for the i5 3570k?

Hello, I am currently building a gaming pc and am using the i5 3570k processor. I was planning on using a ASROCK extreme 4 z77 mobo to it and was wondering if this is a good setup? If not any recommendations? (please keep in same price range). also is it a good overclocker board? Thank You!
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  1. asrock z77 xtreme4 are very good mobo.. Get it

    is good for budget + performance

    Here's link check it out
  3. Thank you guys for the answers. I still need to know if it is easy to overclock on this board?
  4. Well there's link to know :)
  5. I might consider the ASROCK extreme6 z77 which I guess is a step up from extreme 4. Any thoughts?
  6. Useful :)!
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