SLI not working after Driver upgrade


When I upgrade my Geforce driver from release 197 to a newest version like the 256 and more, my SLI is not working anymore.... the SLI hybrid icon disapear.
I have to downgrade to version 197 or lower to have my SLI back. I can live with that (Version 197) but I like to upgrade to fix some problem with some game....
Somemone have any solution


My config:
M3N78-VM with an Geforce 8200 onboard
in SLI with my Geforce 9800 GX2

Windows Vista 32 bit
Phemnom II X4 940
4Go DDR ram
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  1. thanks everyone but I solve it.... the driver 258.96 is the last one to support hybrid SLI... So I have to stay at this point but its better than the version 197, because now Dragon Age 2 is working
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