SOLVED :Acer Aspire AM1640 -Blank Screen No Post - BIOS S4 D4

Hi there,

Correction : ACER ASPIRE AM1640 with E2100 series processor
I have an Acer Aspire which im trying to fix for someone and I have a post card. The postcard goes through the sequence of numbers and stops at 54 D4 .

The information I can find on this code is limited. At the same time, it would be good to know of a site that would offer information as to what to look for for each post card error.

54 - Shutdown was successful. The CPU is in real mode. Disabling the Gate A20 line, parity, and the NMI next.

D4 - Returning to real mode. Executing any OEM patches and setting the stack next.

Just unsure what this means.

I was wondering if there is a site, that could take information like this and tell me well it relates to so and so.

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    This acer series has a known motherboard problem, the problem being they just aren't made very well, and over 45 percent of motherboards, eventually are unable to get themselves out of a suspend mode and the only real option is to replace the motherboard.

    I did not contact ACER for a replacement, but went and got a much better high quality replacement MSi board for 50$.

    I just took the front panell ac connectors and (POWER button) and connected it to the motherboard (disregarded rest), so it could turn on and off and work with existing acer computer.

    thats only hooking up the positive/negative from the front panel AC power on button.
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