I need software for smc wireless ethernet bridge

hi there :)

i got a used smc ez-connect 108mbps wireless g ethernet bridge. howver, to set it up, i need the software that came on the cd that was included with the device when it was new. where can i download this software?
model: smcwebt-g
part#: 722.8664

thank you
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  1. there is no need for any software.
    The default IP address of the SMCWEBT-G is

  2. ok so i set up the windows ip address and got into the smc login page thing, and thats all great and dandy, but i cant figure out how to connect (using this as a wireless network adapter) to my 2wire router. when i choose "ethernet client" it doesnt show me that page shown in the manual with a list of stuff available to connect to. what do i do?
  3. have you changed the IP to match the IP scheme of the router?
  4. yes
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