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Ok I have a weird problem. My old computer was set up to a 1080p resolution. Now I have a new computer and I transferred this old computer to a very old monitor. Trouble is the resolution is stuck at 1080 so this old monitor can't handle it and all I see are wavy lines on the screen. Now when I start it in safe mode I can see the screen. The problem is safe mode is at the lowest resolution which works fine for this monitor but it won't change the screen resolution permanently to this resolution in safe mode. So when I restart I get it going back to 1080 and can't see anything again. Can anybody tell me how to change screen resolution without being able to see the screen?
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  1. connect your old computer to your monitor which was set up at 1080p and then change the resolution and then change to your "very old monitor". SIMPLE!!!!
  2. Is there any way of doing this without hooking up the other monitor? It's kind of inconvenient to do that now so if there is another solution I'd like that. I'm guessing not but if there is please let me know.
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