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Hi all
Following is my current system's specs:
- Intel Core i7 920
- Msi X58 Pro-E
- 6gb DDR3 OCZ Platinum
- nvidia 7800gt 256mb gddr3
- 80GB Western Digital 7200rpm
- Corsair CX400
- Pinnacle 7010ix Quad TV Tuner
- HP dvd 1035

I am thinking of buying a computer with following specs:
- Intel Core i7 2600k
- Asrock h67m-itx/ht
- 8gb kingston 1333fsb valueram
- 80GB Western Digital 7200rpm
- Nvidia 7800gt 256mb gddr3
- Corsair CX400
- Pinnacle 7010ix Quad TV Tuner
- HP dvd 1035
What i wanted to ask you guys is that whether this system is worth buying? the only reason of buying this system is due to the size of itx. I will be modifying my current mini tower casing to accommodate this setup. If you have any suggestions or opinions then do let me know. thanks
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More about your adivce helpful please
  1. What is the computer used for?
    I take it this is an upgrade and not a new build?

    Your 920 still has some legs to it. Depending on your use, their may be better things to upgrade.
  2. i do gamings, general surfing, encoding and stuff.
    Do u think jumping to itx form factor, is it good?
  3. the gpu and hard drive in both systems are ancient but easily upgraded, otherwise your cpu/mobo/ram are fine dont need upgrading. this all depends on your needs of course

    fr gaming you definitely need to upgrade your gpu
  4. i would definitely get a new GPU, the new CPU , mobo, RAM are useless and will do nothing to improve your gaming experience since the GPU is bottlenecking everything. Also more 6gb RAM for gaming is not needed.
  5. Let's not put the cart before the horse. You want to dump a pretty darn good system with a not so good power supply and a really terrible graphics card.......... what a nut.
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