i have a foxconn g33m motherboard, what is the best memory upgrade for it. thanks
Operating System
MS Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.50GHz 51 °C
Yorkfield 45nm Technology
4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 332MHz (5-5-5-15)
Gateway G33M05G1 (Socket 775) 30 °C
FHD2400 (1920x1200@59Hz)
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450
Hard Drives
625GB Western Digital WDC WD6400AAKS-22A7B0 ATA Device (SATA) 45 °C
Optical Drives
High Definition Audio Device
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  1. Max is 8Gb using 2Gb sticks per socket of DDR2-667Mhz ram. Given you have 4Gb already, any other memory will only result in a small improvement that wouldn't be noticable often. Do you use any programs that would use 8Gb? Like rendering or something?
  2. so, just leave it alone, no real upgrade i can do? Of any kind? for the system?
  3. just wondering if there is anything i can due to make this a better computer before the parts are unavailable? Or just save and build my own, which i want to due just for fun. Any input would be nice.
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    If gaming is the objective, you could get a better graphics card. But you will probably also need a new psu. You could reuse the new psu and gpu in a new build if you choose so would not necessarily be a waste of money.

    It is doubtful parts will be unavailable, there are plenty of old parts floating around if you know where to look. But the cpu and ram are a deadend or not worth the upgrade.
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  6. thanks, going to save some money and try a diy computer, it just sound like fun to build my own, even if a little at a time while i still use this computer.
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