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Hey, so I have an Alienware Aurora R2 and I want to get a second gtx 480. I was wondering if my 850w Psu can handle two gtx480s. I do HAVE the required plugs one six pin and one 8 pin but I do not want to hurt my Psu in doing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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  1. The GTX480 video card consumes a ridiculous amount of power and in SLi, the temperature issues will only increase, this card is already enough to run any game on high settings at a nice resolution so why get another? Dell power supplies are usually low-quality; Can you search for how many watts are on the 12-volt rail(s) please, there should be a sticker on the power supply in your case.
  2. Try to find out how many amps you have on the +12v rails, then google "power supply calculator" and pick a calculator. You might want to try a few out. Newegg has one listed in the search results and it wasn't as thorough as I would like, but it said that I would need 1,017 Watts for 2 GTX 480s. So you might find that you need a new PSU with a lot of amperage.
  3. Delta built , 80+ rated and 825 watts combined on the 12v rails, shouldn't have a problem with a pair of 480's.
    That's a micro ATX box though, can you say "toaster" ?
  4. 850 watts is enough for two GTX 480's in SLI:
  5. Thanks for all the help. It's actually either an 875 or 900 watt but I contacted Alienware and try say it's fine but I wanted extra confirmation And the temps arent a huge problem, it has been running pretty quietly. I did get the second card on sale so I'll see and if it doesn't work I'll try to return it. But idk. Thank you very much
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