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Hi all,

I recently had a friend give me an old laptop. Its a HP dv6700. I wanted to format the thing and do a fresh install of Vista. The friend didn't have a CD from HP for Vista, but I noticed that it has a 12-13Gb partition for recovery.

Can I format the primary partition and then reinstall vista off the recovery or do i need a CD from HP? I tried to get into the recovery partition and it gave me a warning but I can't find a way around the warning to see what all is listed on the recovery partition. I want the Vista and Microsoft Office files, nothing else. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. There should be a key to press at bootup F11? F9? That should let you enter recovery mode. Google some more to find it, or just start mashing buttons at boot.
  2. At the start up it tells me how to start a recovery. I really want to format the C: partition and reinstall, but I guess I'm scared that the recovery partition isn't for a reinstall.

    Is the recovery partition like a backup point. Or would it allow me to format and reinstall fresh with the OS and all applications that came with the computer? My biggest worry is that I will have to eventually get a CD from HP or have to install a different OS, and I don't want the hassle of hunting down a program or buy another.
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    You can do a clean install from the recovery partition. If that gets messed up, HP should (or used to) send you the backup disks for $10
  4. Thanks. I did find that there was a recovery manager that let me create some DVD's for a recovery also. Between the partition and disks I should be able to reinstall. Thanks for the help
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