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After buying a brandnew "Radeon 7750 HIS iCooler" I was somehow upset it didn't work with my older mainboard (I get a Bios Beep-Code that says problem with video card). Its a no-name mainboard called MS-7318 from MSI build in a Medion PC (you wont't find anything about on the MSI website, Medion is a German vendor). It has PCI-Express x16 v1.1, the card has the newest 3.0. To answer the first question over every other questions: My PSU is a "500W be quiet! BQT F1-500W PCGH Edition" with 36 A on the combined 12V lines and a max. combined power of 432 Watt on this line. I don't think that this PSU is to weak to power the graphics card. Plus: my older low-end Radeon HD 5450 has higher idle power consumption then the new card. The HD 7750 has a max. power consumption of 53 Watt according to Wikipedia and thats not much.

Additionally, I put the card into another newer pc with an equal PSU but newer mainboard (can't remember the name) with PCI-Express 2.1 slot and it worked fine with no problems.

Any suggestions what the problem is with the card? IMO there are only two possible problems:
- the mainboard can't deliver the same power over the PCI-Express slot like newer mainboards
- or there is really a problem with PCI-Express compatibility with some cards

Any ideas about that?

I really want the new HD 7750 working in my PC and there is also another vendor that is interesting for me. Its the Club3D Radeon HD 7750 royalQueen and Club3D post on their website PCI-Express 1.1 as system requirement whereas HIS doesn't post anything. Is this worth a try? I'm also goind to ask the HIS support about their requirement concerning the PCI-Express slot and post the answer here.

Greetings from Germany and TY for any help or ideas!
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  1. There were issues with PCIe 2.0 cards in PCIe 1.1 slots. The issues may exist with the newer 3.0 cards too.
  2. ... or was that 2.1 cards in 1.1 slots? I can't remember now.
  3. Hej! ATM im actually looking around for a "new" 775 sockel mainboard. I found out that that all available boards are equiped with the Intel G41 chipset. Does anyone use a G41 Intel chipset with a new PCI-Express 3.0 graphics card?

    And, is there a difference between PCI-Express 2.0 or 2.1/1.0 or 1.1? Because Intel writes about PCI-Express 3.0 the following on their website: "(...) while maintaining backwards compatibility with versions 1.0 and 2.0". I'm just wondering why they dont mention 1.1 and 2.1.
  4. To finish this thread and in case someone stumbles upon it trough Google: I now bought a HD 6770 with PCIe 2.1. This Card runs without any problems. So the MS-7318 board with the VIA P4M890 chipset should be compatible with 2.1 but not with 3.0.

    Furthermore, every PCIe x16 port has 75 Watt power, so my first idea that the mainboard can't deliver the same power over the PCIe slot like newer mainboards can't be right. Plus, a Intel support member wrote: PCIe is technically fully compatible with every version (1.0/1.1, 2.0/2.1, 3.0) but the PCIe standard doesn't instruct the vendors to ensure this compatibility.
  5. (The card is from Club 3D.)
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