Can x86 based cpu run x64?

please help me...i need an cpu is 886 based...can it run x64 win7????if not can my cpu support 8gb ram by any other means???
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  1. If its only x86 no it cannot run 64 bit applications.

    If it is x86-64 then it is 64 bit capable and will work with windows 7 64 bit. What processor in particular do you have? The vast majority of the processors out there are based on the old 8086 architecture and are x86 based. Only ARM chips, and Power PC chips arent AFAIK.
  2. What processor is it ?

    All processors since the Opteron in 2003 and the intel Pentium 4 Prescott ( the latter editions ) has 64bit instruction set and will all run 64bit windows.

    Amd licenced 64 tech to intel and intel license 32bit tech to AMD

    a 32bit chip will not handle anything more than 3.25 gig to which you will find usable
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