Worth GPU upgrade? GT 240 to GTS 250 or GTS 450

hey guys. i currently have a GT 240 512mb GDDR5 video card. and i must say that this card serves me well. but im planning to upgrade to either of these two cards GTS 250 512mb GDDR3 or the GTS 450 512mb GDDR5.

my question is will i notice a huge jump on performance if i upgrade to either of these two?
also what would you guys recommend? the 250 or the 450? i know that the 450 is newer and has DX11. but i also heard that the 250 beats the 450 in perfomances.

the 250 has a 70.4 GB/s memory bandwidth and numerous pixel/texture amounts compared to 450
the 450 only has 57.7 GB/s of memory bandwidth and less pixel/texture.

here's the prices

GTS 250 - $95
GTS 450 - $100
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  1. For the extra $5 the GTS450 is certainly worth buying, it's a great budget card. Here are some comparisons:

    GTS450: GDDR5-1GB, Dx11, Lower power consumption, generally runs cooler
    GTS250: Better frame-rates at high resolutions, better memory bandwidth.

    What do you use your system for and how good is your power supply (although you don't need much)?
  2. To answer your question the GTS450 is faster out of all of those.But to be honest spend the extra $20 and get the GTX460.It's so worth the money nearly doubling the GTS450 performance and has the power to back up the DX11 support.


    Whats your full system specs?(PSU,CPU,mobo etc.)
    What resoultion is your monitor?
  3. i have a Core 2 Duo E7500, 4gb ddr3 and my psu is AcBel CE2 500 max power. is that enough to power the GTS 250, 450?

    i mainly use my pc for work and some games. my resolution is 1280x1024.

    will i notice a big performance jump from GT 240 to GTS 450?

    note that im only getting the 512mb version of the GTS 450.
  4. It's about a 20% improvement from the GTS250 to the 450.But at your resoultion it's actually the CPU that does most of the work not the GPU.You will see an improvement but not as much as it could be because of your resoultion.You should upgrade your monitor to 1600x900 or higher.The GTS 450 performs much better in higher resloutions.

    Yes that should be plenty power for the GTS450.
  5. GTS450 is ideal, roughly 60% improvement in performance over the GT240.
  6. ok thanks guys! if ever i change my mind and go to GTX 460 768mb. will my power supply be enough for the GTX 460? i only have one 6-pin pci-e power connector. and 3 peripheral 4pin. two of the 4pin is being used by my extra casing fan and led.
  7. Should be fine.The GTX460 only requires 1 6pin and even if your 500watt psu only delievers 400watts it should still work.
    Do you know how many amps are on the 12/v rail?
  8. the 250 is faster in some cases and the 450 faster in other. forget memory bandwidth, its not a good indicator of a cards performance, only look at real world benchmarks. If you want a step up from the 450 for about the same price, get the ati 5770. if you want to spend the extra, like others have said, a gtx460 768mb card is quite a bit faster again and is worth the performance gain, if your willing to pay the extra of course. If it were me, i would not bother with the 460 on your psu. i couldnt find a review of your particular psu, but if its anything like this acbel, you dont want to push it too hard http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/AcBel-Polytech-iPower-660-Power-Supply-Review/552/9
  9. +12V1 - 17A
    +12V2 - 19A
  10. That amperage isn't bad.
  11. cool. thanks everyone.
  12. purple stank said:
    That amperage isn't bad.

    but can it really produce that amperage at real world temps?
  13. Should just go with the 5770.If power is going to be a problem.
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