HD5850 Artifacting Need Help

my HD5850 is showing some serious artifacting. I am getting the huge spikes like crazy in games, and white patterned dots everywhere else. It is on both displays, entire computer is dust free, latest drivers instlled, no OC ever. The strange bit: If I uninstall ATI drivers, and just use the crappy default, it is fine. Would I still have the artifacting without good drivers if it was the card? Am I underpowered suddenly? Faulty VRAM?
Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it!

Phenom 9850
4GB Ram
Powercolor HD5850 1GB (11 months no issues)
Antec 850 Watt PSU (using the two 8pin PCIE connectors coming out of the box)
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  1. What is the temperature of the card under load? You can find that info under the Catalyst Control Panel/AMD Overdrive.

    Also, when you uninstall the AMD drivers, do you run a program like Driver Sweeper to make sure all remnants of the drivers are gone? Any leftovers can cause issues with current installed drivers.
  2. I just tried the driver sweeper, but it did not do anything. As for the temps, at full settings on many games, 40" HDTV and 22" LCD, I would get about 45C max. Now with this issue, I idle at 36-40C. But it is wierd that this only happened after updating drivers from october to the current ones. Just progressivly getting worse. Minecraft is now spikecraft. :cry:

    Also, now the images are "tareing?" on my desktop when moving things around or selecting selecting things on the start menu
  3. I can't find that in CCC. I do find "wait for vertical refresh" however.

    Also, I cannot print screen any of the glitches. They are not present in the shot
  4. Well, I tested it in another computer, and it had the same issues. Now I'm going to Get insane: I'm going to bake it in the oven. I will post result.
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