XP Can't Find My SATA Hard Drive

My brother recently bought a bunch of parts to get a computer which could handle some FPS games. (Mainly a free one called Crossfire but he's willing to jump into some other ones) Knowing nothing about computers, I had to build it for him. While it was my first build I put it all together and it powered up the first time I tried. Unfortunately, I have a problem.

When I try to install XP it can't find an installed SATA Hard Drive. I realize this is fairly normal but none of the suggested fixes have worked. The motherboard being used is a 760GM-P33 MSI motherboard. I tried disabling Native SATA Support (Or at least the equivalent option) in the Bios but doing so just stops it from even being able to get to the XP installation screen. When I change the mode to IDE or AHCI it doesn't do any better.

Another supposed fix involves nLite. I know how to use the program because I created an XP Service Pack 3 Installation disk hoping it would fix the problem. While I'm sure this method would work, I can't seem to find the proper SATA drivers. When I looked at other drivers to try figuring it out I didn't see any .inf files that are needed for the process. The guide I am using for nLite is found here:

I even tried using an old IDE Hard Drive but it still didn't find the Hard Drive. It's really frustrating. :(

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Are the drives seen in the bios?
  2. Even in the BIOS absolutely nothing is detected.
  3. Then either the drives aren't hooked up correctly, or they are dead. All drives need a data and power cable. In the case of IDE drives, they need to be jumpered correctly. If you've done this, you are using dead drives.
  4. I just plug the sata cable into the motherboard, right? It's plugged in correctly in this case. Could 2 drives really be dead in a row? :(

    I had heard of some XP-related issues with sata drives and had hoped this was the reason.
  5. If you plugged in the SATA cable that's that data cable. How does the drive get power? You need to plug in the power cable. If your PSU doesn't have a SATA power connection, either buy a newer PSU (best), or get a molex to SATA adapter(ok).
  6. I've got both and they are plugged in.
  7. Windows XP predates SATA hard drives .

    You may have to install SATA drivers via a floppy disk before you install XP

    or follow these instructions
  8. The only thing I'm unsure of is where to find the correct drivers. I've tried googling "MSI SATA Drivers" without success.
  9. They should be on the disk that came with the motherboard

    the manual may have instructions about how to create a floppy
  10. So a floppy is the only answer, huh?

    If I were to try Vista or Windows 7 rather than XP would this no longer be a problem? Xp was going to be temporary, until we got Windows 7.

    Thanks. :)
  11. XP doesnt pre-date SATA in that way, its more that it pre-dates AHCI

    why are you using XP anyhow? dump that dinosaur and use windows 7
  12. You hit your 5555th post. I thought I should point that out. :)

    As for your question, my brother wants to try out his new rig but doesn't have the money for Windows 7 yet. The parts came a bit late and I finished the build ~ a week ago so he's at the stage where he's blaming me. In fact, I'm going to actually have to force him to get Windows 7 because he really doesn't want to spend the money as long as XP will let it boot up.

    Got any big disadvantages of XP vs. Windows 7 I can relay to him?
  13. No DX10/11 and no Eyefinity.

    The thing is you don't need to do this. Set the SATA ports to IDE and you don't need drivers. And even if you were using Win7 you said the bios doesn't see the drives. So again, you either don't have them plugged in right, or the drives are dead.
  14. As stated in the op I've gone to the bios into "Integrated Peripherals" then "On-Chip ATA Devices" and changed the On-Chip SATA Controller to disabled as well as re-enabling it and changing the RAID mode to IDE.
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    I'd leave it on IDE mode until you get your problem fixed. That way there is no driver issue to worry about.

    If you plug in your SATA drive correctly and its still not seen, its a bad drive, bad cable, or possibly a bad controller. (mobo) Try a different cable, and try a different set of sata ports.
  16. 4745454b said:
    I'd leave it on IDE mode until you get your problem fixed. That way there is no driver issue to worry about.

    If you plug in your SATA drive correctly and its still not seen, its a bad drive, bad cable, or possibly a bad controller. (mobo) Try a different cable, and try a different set of sata ports.

    Good thinking about IDE mode in BIOS. You do lose all the advanced features of hard drive control but it is the easiest way to get running and you can install a proper SATA driver after windows is installed

    Im wondering if the OP has both sata and the power cables plugged in to the drives ?
  17. he says he has.

    I've got both and they are plugged in.
  18. Alright, I finally got it to work. The case was designed strangely. Along with the provided led wires, usb plugs, headphone/microphone jacks, etc... it came with a sata cable. I had this plugged into the motherboard. While in the past I had tried using a separate cable I guess I didn't have the xp disk in or I must have not set the it to IDE mode. I'll assume it was meant for those who want to use 2 hard drives but I ended up having to buy another cable.

    Thanks guys. :)

    All I need to do now is get the internet up and running on it so I can "verify" my copy of windows and ditch Internet Explorer. The old computer had used a Netgear wireless usb adapter which isn't working any longer so I'm going to try getting the drivers and putting them on the computer using a usb.

    EDIT: Internet is up. Thanks again!
  19. So if I read that right you used a different SATA cable and got it to work?

    I've had IDE cables go bad on me, no SATA cables yet.
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  22. MSI 760GM-P33, no BIOS UPDATE HDD "Cant Detect" Problem.. I update the bios from MSI But the Problem is not fixed, i use 4 same board 10 new HDD from Seagate 500GB, 1TB, Western Digital 320GB,500GB, 1TB Green Caviar, i think the Board of MSI 760GM-p33 has a Factory Defect, because there is a problem on a bios update that they fixed, The problem is "Fixed system report incorrect HDD size after disabled LBA mode." SO. i'm a Technician, but I surrender about this prob. Can MSI fixed this Prob?? both win 7, win XP cant do with it.. PLEASE GIVE A BEST ANSWER>>>>> :pt1cable: aaa
  23. MSI 760GM-p33 has factory defect in SATA chip in the whole lot of production. You should return mb to the dealer. They will replace with the new one the already fix this problem.
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